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At AD Marketing, we are focused on steadily looking at and improving the manner in which we collect, oversee and maintain our B2B data records.

We realise that your B2B data marketing campaigns are determined by the quality of information that you are using to dictate them. This is why we are proud to provide our B2B data lists that boast quality and exactness.

B2B Data Providers of Targeted Business to Business Data Lists

As independent list brokers we are allowed to offer you the best performing and most accurate business data for your individual requirements.

You can choose B2B data by certain audience demographics, for example, the most relevant industry, or specific geographic area.

By using our accurate B2B data lists, you are able to specifically target your audience with exceptional precision. In turn, this will aid you in increasing conversions, building your brand and improving your campaign results.

GDPR Compliant Business Database

All of our B2B data lists and b2b email lists are fully GDPR compliant and can provide you with the following, real-time information about potential customers:

  • Full names
  • Job Titles
  • Addresses
  • Telephone numbers
  • Email addresses
We understand how difficult it tends to be to stay GDPR compliant, particularly when encompassing business information.

This is why, when providing B2B email data lists, we work tirelessly with our suppliers to ensure all business data we supply to our clients meet the current criteria for both GDPR and PECR.

We offer advice on what is required for legislation when purchasing b2b company data.

Buy Business Telemarketing Lists And Help Your Business Grow‎

Marketing can be hard, but once you start to understand your audience and purchase our GDPR complaint b2b data lists, you will start to reap the rewards.
You will find targeted email lists, b2b selling information and business mailing records by area, business type and more.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is B2B data?

B2B business data is information about specific organisations, that companies use to make their marketing efforts more specific and tailored to their desired target audience.

A business to business information base comprises of essentially all business-related information. Companies and larger organisations will use this data to regularly make contact with the acquired businesses, and offer their services.

B2B data is the fuel for your customer acquisition and maintenance. It can help your business to identify new clients, and connect with them.

What is B2B data used for?

Access to precise b2b data lists enable your business to distinguish new prospective customers and connect with them.

For instance: you need to contact companies who are in the retail sector and specifically the buying managers. Finding new buyers is one of the hardest tasks that face manufacturers.

However, our b2b database providers offer Information that can support you in sourcing company insights in a very cost-effective way.

Does GDPR apply to Business Data?

Absolutely. If you are handling business data of any form, you must ensure that you are doing so in a GDPR compliant manner. GDPR offers protection of everybody’s data inside the EU, including individuals working inside companies.

How to assess the quality of company information?

Having good quality and accurate company information is essential for a growing business. One of the best ways to ensure your company is purchasing good quality data is to buy business list database from a reputable source.

Having great quality and exact business data lists is crucial for a growing any business. The best way to guarantee your company is purchasing the most reliable data is to buy b2b data lists from a reputable source.

A good supplier of b2b business data will be GDPR Compliant and will have many happy customers.

Ask your b2b database supplier to provide you with a list of reference customers with their contact information.

A reliable b2b database provider will ensure that their database information is regularly cleaned, validated, and updated to improve your ROI and make sure everything is up to date.

What are typical business data types?

There are various kinds of business information that you could use depending on your target accounts, and lead generation etc.

Contact data are lists of companies, including e-mail addresses of the contact person working at those companies. B2B data lists consist of Information which is used by other companies to get in contact with those other businesses to sell their products & services.

Accounts data is the key ingredient to targeting the right people in the right accounts. Your company depends on accurate, up-to-date business marketing data – which can be provided by b2b database suppliers.

Account-based marketing uses personalised and highly tailored campaigns to generate leads. It is based on the assumption that buying decisions are usually made by a select group of people rather than a single person.

Intent data provides insight into a web user’s purchase intent;
allowing you to identify if and when a prospect is actively
considering, or looking to purchase your (or similar) products or
solutions, enabling informed, timely campaign decisions.

Engagement data measures the response that your messaging is receiving from your audience; social media likes and shares, time spent on your webpage, bounce and exit rates, etc – this business data can be sued to inform your future marketing campaigns and increase your ROI.

What to ask business database providers?

How is the data collected?
Does the system remove inaccurate data (e.g. out of date job titles) and remove duplicates that already exist in your business database?

Does the data system validate the emails using relevant tools?

Does the system have integrative tools, provide insights into your customers, provide access to valuable sales triggers etc?

Are the b2b data lists regularly updated with new information?

Does GDPR apply to business emails?

Sole traders and partnerships are generally considered to be business to consumer and not business to business. GDPR is an overall framework for data protection and privacy, but there are no specific mentions of email marketing within the law.

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