“Excellent service from the first communication, always, quick and efficient. I contacted Maxine for client operating in the trade and maintenance space and the data provided was thorough and great quality, we’ve had a 15% open rate on cold data from our first two emails and a very low bounce rate. Will definitely be using Maxine again and would highly recommend Marketing Data Lists”

Jave, AKB Services Ltd

“Data is the lifeblood of any sales campaign.  Maxine delivers what we need to win, namely to open the right doors that will allow us to close decision-makers fast.  Our reputation is based on ROI which is why we need a professional like Maxine to ensure we deliver on-time and every time.  Be prepared to pay the price for quality not the price of failure.”

Neil Gentleman-Hobbs

“Maxine at AD Marketing has provided a fantastic and personal service for me over the last month. I have found that Maxine has delivered on my expectations and provided me with a wealth of knowledge through our interactions. It’s quite evident that Maxine is a true industry expert in her field and provides a service which is not only very helpful but extremely cost-effective in comparison to competitors.

Most importantly I’ve found that Maxine has provided me with extremely rich data for the multiple campaigns I’m running for our business. My email delivery success rate across the campaigns I’ve run has sat on average around 92% and an open rate of around 31% which I feel is extremely good.

I’ve had multiple conversations prospects who have responded to my emails and some new business which I’m currently discussing. This Includes a very senior procurement director for a large retail chain. Not only this but if you look at some of the data lists against company websites, LinkedIn profiles and general research you realise the Data is rich.

I would highly recommend Maxine and will continue to use her services.”

Nick, Versatile Solutions  

“First impressions of Maxine, A strong-minded, decisive, efficient and effective businesswoman! Since working with Maxine she has consistently gone out her way to go the extra mile and make herself always available. As an entrepreneur, I am constantly looking to align myself to working with like minded people true to there word and rock star suppliers, which in the marketing industry it’s hard to find transparency.  Maxine ticks all boxes for myself and my team and has gone out her way consistently to assist with our Biz Cleaning project so we have absolute pleasure in recommending Maxine to the world.”

Ken Mack
Co/Founder Biz Cleaning, London

“Maxine and AD Marketing are my first choice when I am looking for a new B2B data list. The prices are always competitive, quotes are uncomplicated and bounce back rates are really low. It’s also good to know that quarterly updates on purchased lists are included!”

Group Marketing Manager
Construction Industry

Dear future clients of AD Marketing

“I would just like to say a few words on the work carried out so far for UnifyU Ltd.
Both Stewart and I, business partners in UnifyU have been mightily impressed with
the data supplied from AD marketing. This data will play an integral part in our
marketing strategy both in communicating our key messages but on specific
business verticals for our VOIP telephone system business. Stewart’s expertise is
around marketing and he commented on the quality of the data supplied, we
experienced no bounces with a 30% open rate in week 1. Maxine has also proven to
be very helpful and knowledgeable and clearly goes out of her way to help in other
areas we needed advice on. We will certainly be using her services now and in the

Yours Sincerely

Rob Hendry
UnifyU Ltd.

Went fine – the data was very useful. It’s difficult to quantify because we have such
long business cycles, but I was very happy with the data supplied.

Thanks, Gemma

Graylings PR

1st mailer sent out which in turn gave us our busiest day on the BG website.

“Nexus Industries have used AD Marketing for a number of years to provide high
quality, targeted and up-to-date data lists which greatly enhance our marketing
campaigns. Their flexibility allows us to precisely target the exact sector for our
diverse product ranges. AD are prompt, polite and always willing to go the extra mile
to ensure we have exactly what we need.”

BG – Nexus

Gareth Webb

Our work with Maxine and AD Marketing has been hugely successful for our business. Not only was the data provided, exactly what we were looking for but Maxine helped guide our requirements with her extensive knowledge and expertise. My experience working with AD Marketing was professional, clear experts in this field and excellent at working under tight deadlines. Based on the data provided this has allowed us to grow our market share in 1 year by 6% which is a huge achievement.
Cheryl Toole
Product Manager – LIFELINE & Equipment