What Makes A Successful Campaign

What makes a successful direct marketing campaign?

We have listed below how a successful campaign can be run but are more then happy to purchase one or all of the items listed below.

To make your campaign as successful as possible we would suggest a concentrated effort. This should include the following but we understand is not always possible due to the constraints of costs. We will do our upmost to help you achieve this cost wise by utilising our very carefully chosen business partners and buying at the best prices possible. Our overheads are very low which means we can afford to pass the excellent pricing we achieve back to you.

Purchasing of data – This is absolutely key in all direct marketing efforts. Quality of data is paramount to minimise wastage in costs and to produce the absolute best results. We have identified the handful of excellent data suppliers UK wide.

Mailing campaign – Hard copy letter, postcard, brochure to be kept as a reference.

Telemarketing campaign – To support the efforts of the direct marketing campaign. This is also most important in building a relationship with the key personnel who buy your products and services

e-broadcast – To keep your name there on a regular basis

Fulfilment – Of direct mailing campaign