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B2B Email Marketing

Our Thorough Email Lists will Bolster your Outreach Campaigns
Email marketing

Not only do our information experts source and collate the most relevant and up-to-date email data for your next campaign, we can directly conduct targeted email marketing on your behalf to increase the impact you have on your target demographic.

We can build your email campaign in:

  • html
  • pdf
  • apple-mail
  • rtf
  • or plain text

Our email database, design expertise and fast (independent) servers combine to make the winning formula for any B2B email marketing effort. We know, better than most, that email marketing data sometimes isn’t enough. If you’ve been sending out plain-text emails for ages, let us take your campaign to the next level and promote your message more effectively, to the right audience.

Why Choose Ad Marketing for business to business email broadcasts?

  • We offer the complete package: as much or as little assistance as you require!
  • Our email marketing campaigns are both effective and cost-effective. We find the right people to target and keep our prices competitive!
  • Our services are tailored to your precise requirements. No generic B2B email lists when you choose us!
  • Email marketing is a fast and efficient way to directly target the consumers or decision-makers of your choice. It’s a fast way to grab someone’s attention in a digitised world!

We can undertake and execute your B2B email marketing  campaign as soon as we have collected the relevant data. Simply pick up the phone to enquire about our timescales and highly competitive pricing structure!